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Cory & Brooke | Cloverdale, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

You know that one couple who everyone wants to be around, is genuine, sweet, laid back, and also a really good time?! That's Cory & Brooke. I knew these two were something special when I met them briefly at one of their friends weddings in Ottoville, OH. This was the first time I had met them, and their wedding was the following weekend. Brooke couldn't have been a more laid back bride, as we barely emailed back and forth more than twice, yet their wedding day was impeccably smooth. Because of these reasons, I couldn't think of a better wedding to kick off the new blog in 2019!

The smile literally did not leave my face the entire day. Or Brooke and Corey's. And their guests only stopped smiling and laughing if they were getting teary eyed. It was the perfect day, celebrating the love of two beautiful souls. Enjoy a few of my favorite images!

October 13, 2018

Florist: Petal Shed

Decorator: Joyous Occasions

Photographer: Heather Clark

Second Shooter: Ethan Benavidez

Wedding Mass: St. Barbara Church, Cloverdale, OH

Reception: Ottoville Parish Center

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